Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whispers wk 3 "God Speaks Through People"

Here's my PDF manuscript from this talk. Click here. Big thanks to Josh & Robyn Whaley for sharing their story of following the whisper to start SHINE tailgate at local football games!

And here are some of the people I follow on Twitter for online Soul Food:

RevRunWisdom (Rev Run formerly Run DMC)
JohncMaxwell (Dr. John C. Maxwell)
DonMillerIs (Donald Miller)
LenSweet (Leonard Sweet)
MarkBatterson (of "Chase the Lion" fame)
TonyMorganLive (pastor Tony Morgan)

Here's the Blog about Halloween by Tony Morgan

Monday, October 18, 2010

NFL Coaching Shuffle

"Big D" Dallas Cowboys are 1-4 after nearly everyone picked them to be Super Bowl contenders. Why? "They have so much talent." They also have head coach Wade Phillips.

San Diego Chargers are off to a 2-4 start with losses to three less-than-stellar teams: Seahawks, Raiders & Rams. This from a team that head coach Norv Turner inherited with a 14-2 record and was one win away from the Super Bowl.

What's wrong with the Cowboys and Chargers? They're suffering from head coaches who came with high expectations but only mediocre resumes.

Prior to coming to San Diego, Norv had a winning percentage of .281 at Oakland, .454 in Washington and 1 year playing in the post season.

Perhaps his predecessor had worse stats? Nope. Clearly well above average:

Former Chargers head coach, Marty Schottenheimer, had a .614 winning percentage and 13 years (out of 21) playing into the post season. He built teams that consistently won and had opportunities to win the big one. But because he did not win the big game, they thought a head coach with a mediocre resume (Turner) could somehow get it done. How logical.

And what about Dallas, this team with so much talent? Perhaps they are now playing at the level of their coach. Prior to coming to Dallas, Phillips had a total of 3 years playing into the post season, only getting as far as wildcard losses.

In this multi-billion dollar NFL business I don't understand the illogical expectations of hiring mediocre coaches and expecting post season play. Or what's more dysfunctional, firing a guy for getting you into the post season (but not to the big game) and replacing him with less successful coach.

Maybe when I'm a billionaire it will all make more sense to me ;-)

What does make sense is the losing Washington Redskins hiring a coach with a winning resume and expecting better results. Wise choice hiring Mike Shanahan. Look out for the Skins!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Whispers wk 1

Here's the PDF of my talk kicking off week 1 of our Whispers series @ Oakbrook based on Bill Hybels' book.