Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sandra & I just saw this Friday night in Kokomo. It's been playing here for 5 weeks and it was standing room only in the theater; we literally had to scoot in to make room.

In short I thought the movie was powerful. I can't think of a more realistic present day portrayal of marriage in the U.S. The issues were real, relevant and weren't solved in 5 minutes.

I'd heard some questionable comments about a small percentage of the acting, but I didn't find issue with it. No Oscar nominees here, but everyone was believable, realistic and several were strong.

As I thought about the acting afterward, it occurred to me that many of the film's characters were like normal people you'd meet in your own town--not like actors in films. In some small way that seemed more realistic to me.

Not to denigrate the acting in the least, but I think the star is the screenplay. Clearly this was put together by people who understand marriage; behaviors that get it off track, and the real tough struggles of putting one back on track.

It is a Christian film, but faith wasn't pushy and didn't hog the spotlight. Marriage issues and principles were really the focus and faith crept in around them, in poignant realistic ways.

This is a great movie for:
Couples who are in a healthy place.
Couples who are struggling.
Separated spouses.
Divorcees or anyone who wants to learn more about marriage.

The movie's website is full of info including resources couples and organizations can use, including the book that has a starring role in the film. One small group at Oakbrook has already ordered the group curriculum.

This seems to be a movie that is promoting itself. I haven't seen a trailer or commercial for it, but I've heard (and heard of) several strong personal endorsements to see it. After seeing it, I understand why. It's the kind of thing you want others to experience. Just this morning I suggested to someone to take his separated friend to see it.

I can't say I'm a guy who's always into things that have a Christian tie, including this company's prior film; but I found Fireproof to be profoundly powerful and moving. To anyone who says Christians don't compete in the mainstream very well, this film proves otherwise.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the Ubiquitous Salsa Ringtone

(First of all I'm noticing the ubiquitous use of "ubiquitous" lately, but I digress before I've even started.)

I think it's amusing how many people are using the ol' "Cuban-salsa" ring tone these days---you know, the one that sounds like you just walked into a Mexican cantina?

When I'm out in public and hear the muffled salsa rhythm emanating from a purse or pocket--and then observe the frantic owner grab it to turn it off. The look on their face seems to be surprised or annoyed that the salsa ring tone played. Something like, "What?! How did that get on there?!"

I want to lean over and say, "It probably seemed like a good idea when you were flipping through your ring tones last night in your living room. But it plays a little differently out here in the real world, don't you think?"

Just for the record, I've gone with no ring tone; just the "vibrate" ring mode. So call me often ;-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blog Overload

Do you too wake up and think, "I can't wait to read what other people are writing about themselves!" No? Me neither. Regardless, we are a blogging bunch.

I went looking for blog data and of course found it...on a blog--so who knows how accurate it is ;-)

It's estimated in April '08 there were 112 MILLION blogs (in English) & approximately 175,000 new ones PER DAY. And to think I can't even keep up with my co-workers' blogs...

When I look at blogs (including mine), there is a mega theme something to this effect: "This is the world according to me. These are my experiences. These are things I like." In other words: "I, me, my." ;-)

And on one hand this is what makes them great--sharing of ideas, seeing into others' phyches, benefiting from other people's wisdom & experience. It's networking without the mess of relationship. And this sharing has great potential.

But as I sense the rapidly growing blogdom, in the context of my life that never has a shortage of irons in the fire, blogs can be tech-noise. So they become one more thing for me to a life where there's seemingly no end of things to manage.

So I don't have an ending to this post. I like blogs. But I'm somewhat overwhelmed by them. (Honestly, I can't keep up with blogs of my co-workers.) I like sharing but I get annoyed with the narcissism--including my own.

For now, such is life and such is my blog...and if you read it, that's ok---but I think these days I'm writing more for myself than anyone else. (see, there's that "my" again.)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White Walls

With 10,0000 miles on my '04 Suzuki Volusia, it was time for new tires. I decided to go with the old school white walls for the more retro look. Reality Motorsports in Marion IN had the best price.

BEFORE: the original blackwalls

Monday, October 13, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Domestic bone of contention: Neither of us wants to grind & brew the coffee in the morning.
Solution: The Cuisinart Grind & Brew!

The old Krups coffee maker finally went toes up so Sandra found this cool gizmo:

You load the beans & water into it at night. Program when you'd like it to grind the beans and start making coffee. Wake up to fresh brewed coffee!!

Another simple pleasure of life ;-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

White Shoes

I am older now. Not that my ever-graying hair gives me away, nor the fact that my oldest son, Taylor, just turned 22. No, the telltale sign of my age is that I’ve had a pair of white Adidas for over a month now and they are still brilliant white.

My 13 year old son, Slater, looked at them like some kind of modern day miracle and said, “How do you DO that??!!”

And I new exactly what he meant. When I was in middle school, there were few things cooler than new sparkling white Adidas, Pumas, Nikes, or Cons. (That might only be trumped by having a girlfriend. Or imagine having a girlfriend AND new white shoes!)

And here are the words I did not reply to Slater with:

“Slate, it is easy. First, wear them exclusively to those ‘dirty’ places like the office, church, and the mall. And if it’s raining in the morning, put on your old shoes instead. Then of course turn what were your newest shoes into your official 'play shoes,' which means never playing in your new white shoes.”

And that’s when I new I was old...

And I’m so old I can’t bring myself to make them dirty even in the hopes that it could recapture a speck of my youth. But the truth? (lean in) When I look down at my sparkly whites, that middle school version of myself that’s still inside somewhere thinks, “COOL!!”

Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Pleasures

This morning I decided to see what options were available at the heretofore "too pricey" Starbucks wi-fi. To my surprise Kokomo S-bux is offering ATT internet. Since I'm ATT at home all I had to do was type in my email address, password and VOILA--free internet!!

Another simple pleasure smile ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Latest Talk

Click here for a pdf of my latest talk at Oakbrook.
Or click here to download the podcast.
Check out the pictures from my Brown County bike trip.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Indians Ride Again

The Indian Motorcycle Company is back...again. The legendary American motorcycle is back from the dead.

The company began in 1901 and reached its height in popularity from 1922-1953. Sadly they declared bankruptcy in 1977. They were resurrected from 2001-'03; known as "Gilroy Indians." This latest incarnation finds its home in Kings Mountain North Carolina. (More about Indians)

Sticker Shock:
MSRP on the Chief ranges from $31,000 - $35,500. Dare I say it makes a Harley look like a bargain. As much as I'd love to have an Indian, this price point makes it nothing more than a "when I win the lottery" pipe dream.

Good luck Indian--long may ye ride!