Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camera Strap Mod

Lately I've been enjoying shooting with Nikon's new Adjustable Handstrap; it's very comfortable. But then at other times I really need the regular strap so I can throw the D40 on my shoulder at the ballpark for example.

There's no quick easy way to switch straps on a DSLR. So I went to Lowes and bought this inexpensive hardware.

I used the smallest key rings (3/8") from this multi-pak and installed them onto the metal strap loops on the camera.

Then I put mini carabiner clips on the end of the stock Nikon strap and the new handstrap.

So now, when I'm shooting around the house I ditch the stock strap in a matter of seconds. And anytime I want to swap out straps it's a snap!

Monday, April 20, 2009

PC Commercials

(click the pics to watch videos)
Finally someone in the PC biz got a clue about marketing. I like these commercials because they're accurate. I like the point they make that if you go with a PC laptop there are lots of options and models so you can get what you really like.
And they do a a very polite job of stating that with Mac laptops you do have to pay a lot for a large screen and you don't get hardly any options comparatively.

Nice to see PC marketing well and rising to the level of Mac's marketing.

Personally I buy PC because I don't do video & graphics for a living and I can get a lot of laptop for the money. Same with desktop. I've got $1,000 in my 17" screen laptop & under $500 in my new desktop. Buy what you like. Spend as much or little as you like.


Friday, April 17, 2009

The Brick's new online home

To try and make life simpler, I created a web page for The Brick. It will let people know when we're having it, posted pictures, and any other pertinent info. It also serves as a way to communicate to potential guests: who, what, why when, where, how.

Check it out--or become a follower & get the updates:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture of a Picture

This my first large print from my Nikon D40. It's 20"x30," ordered from Mpix. I ordered it mounted on double weight mount board. The print quality is A+. Even up close the quality of the image looks great.

I bought the metal frame at Hobby Lobby (the kind that sides comes in different lengths so you can make whatever size you need). They cut the glass & another backer board. I was out of there quick and inexpensive in a matter of minutes.

I took the picture by my back steps and input the text using Photoscape, a great FREE image editing program. Get the Faststone add-on program to add text, batch, watermark etc.

There will definitely be more large prints in my future.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holy Spirit pt II

Sunday at Oakbrook I got the opportunity to talk about, "How do you know you're following the Holy Spirit?" It was a tough subject. Spent a lot of prep time wrestling with how to quantify the enigmatic Holy Spirit.

After it was over, I felt good in following God in it. To me, EVERY message at church is always a bit of a "Wild Goose Chase." I think that's why I enjoy them.

Here's a video clip.
Here's the message text PDF.
Here are the notes.