Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Lesson in How to Rock a Wedding

This is Jeff and Liz Detrick. Slater and I had the honor of photographing their wedding earlier this month. By the time it was over, I couldn't help but notice how many honoring decisions they'd made in the process.

They took communion before the ceremony.

It was just them, Bill the officiant. and myself in the sanctuary for this. It was a holy moment, to be sure. I've often thought it odd when a couple takes it in front of a crowd with many believer but doesn't offer it to the body. This was honoring to God and sensitive to both believers and those outside the faith in attendance of the the ceremony.

They chose a First Look.

First Look is a newer idea where the couple creates a moment to first see each other before the ceremony; it's usually photographed. It's a special moment for the couple; they have a moment to take each other in, savor it, hug, soak in it in a way one cannot during a ceremony. By doing a First Look, the couple and their party are then able to take all the photos they'd like before the ceremony. This also values the guests by not making them wait for an eternity while so many pictures are taken after the ceremony, forcing guests to wait ad nauseam at the reception. In this case, it also allowed Jeff and Liz to take communion as well.

They chose elegant and cost-appropriate clothing.

Did you notice in these photos that the attendants clothes aren't all the same? You probably only noticed that they all look stylish and flattering in what they're wearing.

The women simply all wore black dresses. So if they had one already, great. If they didn't, they bought something that looked good on them, fit well, was within their budget and they could wear again. It's hard to tell, but her attendants were all across the body-type spectrum from very pregnant, to super slim--but because they had the freedom to choose their dress, it served them all well. How many weddings have you attended when all the women looked great in the same dress? Me neither. How honoring to the attendants and how fiscally responsible to allow them to pick out a dress.

The guys' suits don't match, but they look sharp. If they had a dark suit, great. If not, for the price of a tuxedo rental one can buy a quality wool suit and have it tailored to fit. (K&G Fashions Superstore in Indianapolis rocks suits every day for $100-$150.) And what guy, if he had to buy a suit, wouldn't benefit from now owning one that fits? Their own suits fit better than tuxes usually do and again, how fiscally responsible and honoring to the groomsmen.

Great music.

Ok, they totally cheated on this because Liz's brother and father are both professional musicians. And I'll admit, when I heard about trumpet players I was a tad skeptical, but I must say, they made a profound impact on the ceremony. We simply do not hear this caliber of live musician enough these days, especially in weddings. These guys were impressive. So perhaps if you can't afford live musicians, ask around some musicians or music lovers and perhaps get some ideas on some great recorded music--if for no other reason, so we do not have to hear Pachelbel's Canon in D one more time. Oh, you've heard it...

Alright, let's go out there and have more honoring weddings! ;-)

Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Reasons to Attend the Summit

1. We need to be inspired

None of us are overflowing with events or situations that are inspiring us--inspiring us that God can do great things, in and around our lives. The Summit is an inspiration injection.

2. It's in Kokomo

Something amazing and life-altering is happening in our back yard. Take advantage of something God has brought so conveniently close.

3. You haven't been to camp since you were a kid

Every summer we send our kids to camps to get better: science, sports, cheer, church camps etc. It's time we invested in us getting better. These 2 days will help us be better with the other 363.

4. God shows up

He just does. He uses this environment in a unique and faithful way. How many environments can we walk into, knowing that the Spirit will be palpable at some point? This is one of them.

5. It's World Class

In a world where we over-sell everything, the people and content here are truly some of the world's best. Every year the faculty is a best of list from diverse fields around the globe. Check out this year's faculty.

6. People are depending on you

Whether we're a housewife to a leader of a large company, people are depending on us: family, co-workers, neighbors, congregants, fellow citizens. We are all tied together and when you and I attend the Summit, we get a little bit better and that positively impacts the people around us.

7. Life takes it out of us

Every day is challenging. Often we're grinding it out. We're so busy cutting down trees we never stop to sharpen the saw (S. Covey). The Summit puts something special into us. As challenging as life is, we need opportunities like the Summit to re-sharpen us for a world that can dull us down.

8. One thing will change your life

We never know what or how, but without fail, there's something profound that marks us when we take in the Summit. Something happens that instills a profound change, either in paradigm or actual transformation.

9. It's a ridiculous bargain

For the people of Oakbrook to pay this small fee in return for this huge faculty and world class event is, well, ridiculous. Instead of buying dinner at a decent restaurant for the family, register for the Summit. How much money do you spend in a year to make yourself better? Spend a little, reap a lot.

10. Pat Lencioni

No one dispenses exceptional content with unique humor and delivery like Pat Lencioni (Len-CHO-knee). You will love him.

August 8-9, Thurs-Fri 9:30-5:30
(Special Oakbrook pricing ends midnight July 23)