Monday, October 20, 2008

Blog Overload

Do you too wake up and think, "I can't wait to read what other people are writing about themselves!" No? Me neither. Regardless, we are a blogging bunch.

I went looking for blog data and of course found it...on a blog--so who knows how accurate it is ;-)

It's estimated in April '08 there were 112 MILLION blogs (in English) & approximately 175,000 new ones PER DAY. And to think I can't even keep up with my co-workers' blogs...

When I look at blogs (including mine), there is a mega theme something to this effect: "This is the world according to me. These are my experiences. These are things I like." In other words: "I, me, my." ;-)

And on one hand this is what makes them great--sharing of ideas, seeing into others' phyches, benefiting from other people's wisdom & experience. It's networking without the mess of relationship. And this sharing has great potential.

But as I sense the rapidly growing blogdom, in the context of my life that never has a shortage of irons in the fire, blogs can be tech-noise. So they become one more thing for me to a life where there's seemingly no end of things to manage.

So I don't have an ending to this post. I like blogs. But I'm somewhat overwhelmed by them. (Honestly, I can't keep up with blogs of my co-workers.) I like sharing but I get annoyed with the narcissism--including my own.

For now, such is life and such is my blog...and if you read it, that's ok---but I think these days I'm writing more for myself than anyone else. (see, there's that "my" again.)