Friday, April 4, 2008

The Shack

One of my favorite quotes of late is, "Whenever someone tells you they're open-minded, it's a sure thing they're not." And in that vein I will tell you, "I do not like Christian fiction--I do not like it on a boat...or with a goat...I do not like Christian fiction."

Well, true to my ability to lie to myself and everyone else, I readily admit that this book (Christian fiction btw) captivated my mind and soul like no other. This is a book for everyone: seeker, new believer, "mature" believer. Sorry but I'm about ready to add "mature believer" to my oxymoron list ;-)

If someone were to have outlined the plot it wouldn't have sounded intriguing. In fact I confess I started reading it because a sweet elderly lady gave it to me, perhaps as a leading. And as she dropped it off to me said, "You may end up throwing it down at some point---I did..." I found it compelling--very intriguing--thought provoking--hard to put down--writing that easily instantly creates a film in one's mind---writing that reveals holiness in a unique voice.

Please consider reading this before someone tells you something about it that will spoil the read for you.

See it at Amazon.