Monday, May 5, 2008

same, samer, samest

I'm Facebooked out--i.e. the daily "see how much our personality's alike" or "see which music we have in common" or "see which smells we both love" quizes in my in-box.

It's made me think about how Facebook is designed so that all the people who like the same things can find each other. And that's great...or maybe it is...and maybe it isn't.

It seems even though the word "diversity" gets thrown around a lot in the culture, we're really into people who dig what we're into. And we're really into slamming things and people we're not into--or perhaps trying to set them straight.

It feels very me-centric with a bit of and I don't care about stuff they like mixed in. If the '70s was the Me Decade maybe the '00s are the Me plus everthing I think about my stuff justified in my blog decade. (See how this very blog proves my very me-centric point?)

I'm sensing that open-mindedness is a rare fruit. It feels like our minds are open just enough to hear another's position; then it closes and launches into why you should come over to my side. And "my side" can be political (oy), musical, religious, fashion---everything. Because we have opinions about it all, baby.

I'm caught here without any conclusion...feeling indicted by my own post...examing my own motives... and strong opinions.

Perhaps to be continued...(but I won't be Twittering about it. As if the minutia of my day captivates you...)