Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tough Question

The last couple of days our church staff has had some sobering email exchanges about how much (or little) we've personally been inviting people to church.

I was already tracking along those lines based on this sobering question I ran across a week ago in a devotional I've been in since January:

"Is your faith worth sharing?"

God's been using that question to rattle my cage. Seriously. That question reveals the truth that I share what I'm excited about. I talk, blog or post about what captivates me. Things that have my attention don't require a place on my "to do" list--I naturally do them--naturally talk about them.

I am guilty of (for example) being at the ballpark and not engaging in spiritual conversations and feeling good about "not being in the work mode." That's wrong.

My challenge is to work hard, play hard, replenish and at all times be a "light"...be "salt." Not be salt and light when I'm on the clock---leaving the salt at the office.

This YouTube clip by Penn Gillette that Jeremy posted on the church blogsite got me going too:

I will follow God to grow beyond this. What do you think about the question, "Is your faith worth sharing?"