Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Local

I'm picky about drumsticks--Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution is my "go to" tool. They carry them at a local music store, Sound of Music. They're significantly more expensive locally verses buying at a Sam Ash in Indy or online.

But that makes sense if you figure how many sticks a local store will sell in a week compared the "big box" store in Indy or national online sellers; the more you sell the more you can lower your price.

In our current economic climate I have been more convicted about supporting local businesses when I can. I think it's good for the city, the more you and I do this. But, I hate paying retail for sticks (yes, Sandra & I are frugal).

So I called up John, the owner who works every day at his downtown music store. I asked him if he'd give me a deal if I bought a box of sticks. I figured that might be a reasonable request that might be good for him and me. I'd lay out a good chunk of money but probably wouldn't buy sticks for a year.

John was super. He said, "I'd be glad to take care of you." He gave me pretty much what I would pay online and he had them for me the next day! (And of course no shipping fees when you buy local retail.) A+ service. Thanks John!

And it happened simply because I gave a local business man a shot. I didn't beat him up to give me a deal. He seemed glad that I asked and was happy to accommodate me.

Maybe we can find ways to buy locally, get a good deal for the consumer and help our local economy. If you and I don't, who will?