Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Protege Class '10

Day one of our first class of Oakbrook Proteges. We're excited to offer this program and honored that these potential-packed young men have stepped up to be part of it.

Derek Rody is working in the programming dept.
Ryan Pattison is working in the KidStuf / UpStreet world.
Brandon Lowry works in the programming dept.
Jonathon Malin works in OSM. (6-12 grade)

Look for their new blogs, as one of the assignments is to create a blog and post (at least) weekly about their Protege experience.

They're currently reading The Faith, Given Once for All, by Charles Colson. They'll read a book every four weeks.

Those of you so inclined, please pray for these young men by name as they start this new journey.