Friday, May 14, 2010

Nikon AF Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8

Finally took the major plunge and bought a pro level telephoto lens for shooting baseball, indoor events etc.

I was able to score a Nikon factory refurbished one at Roberts in downtown Indy for $895! (The newest version of this lens [w/VR] is around $2300.) Nikon's reputation on refurbs is A+ and comes with warranty.

I've only taken a few shots but already I can see a HUGE difference over my $200 Nikon 200mm lens. Can't wait to shoot some baseball tomorrow!

This isn't a VR lens, hence mucho savings. Last year I borrowed a VR version of my old $200 200mm lens and shot with it for a week (little league baseball). I compared images between the two and found virtually no difference. For me the VR lens didn't net better or less blurry images.

I'm not saying VR isn't cool, but I couldn't see shelling out nearly 3 times the money for a VR version of this 2.8 lens.

Hopefully by mid summer I'll have earned enough money to cover the total cost of it. (I have half already). Photography has been the one hobby that has nearly paid for itself--that's good times ;-)

Here's (the great) Ken Rockwell's take on this lens.