Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Non-Profits Can Learn from BLUSH

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1. Plan Way Ahead

Big events need big planning time lines. They spend a month+ preparing for each event.

2. Pray Hard
People are praying well in advance, expectant that God will show up and be lifted up.

3. Enlist an Army of Volunteers
No one person makes it a success. Scores of people multiply the result and share the load. A Team outperforms a gifted individual every time.

4. Make It Worth Coming To

They've brought in nationally known speakers and local worship bands that could be national. Wowing people this time drives people to it next time.

5. Unity

There are many teams shouldering a BLUSH event but every team serves the greater purpose. A "silo" is a no go if you're trying for Big Mo' (momentum).

6. Sex Up the Space
BLUSH plasters their brand and appropriately cool decorations throughout their space--even the bathrooms. People notice and dig sexy.

7. Work Hard
Big effort nets a big return. You can't coast into an event that attracts 1,000 people. You have to sweat and grunt into it.

8. Have Fun
As hard as people work, smiles and laughter are there from prep to presentation. Everyone wants to be part of something fun. Fun transcends sweat every time.

9. Trust God
They realize it's only God using their efforts. God is responsible for the result, we're responsible to pray and work hard.

10. You Don't Need a CEO
Volunteers are the lead dogs. They discern what God's up to and organize the army to that end. You don't need a salary for success.

BLUSH is a non-profit organization that has done three outreach events to draw children, students and adults to God. The first two events drew 1,000+ people and the last drew 800 on a snowy night with many local cancellations.

What Can Blush Learn from Marketers?

Change their brand and logo to be gender-neutral. God has clearly given them influence with males and females of all ages. Never let your brand limit your influence.