Monday, August 15, 2011

Global Leadership Summit Day 2

Mama Maggie Gobran
This extraordinary woman killed me before she spoke a word. Her presence...her facial people welcomed her with applause. It was simply other. I've never experienced anything like it. I have no words worthy to capture it. Her presence eclipsed her words like nothing I've ever sensed.

"The silence is the secret...the kingdom lies within..."

"Silence your body to listen to your words.
Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts.
Silence your thoughts to listen to your beating heart.
Silence your heart to listen to your spirit.
Silence your spirit to listen to His Spirit."

"In silence we leave many to be with the One."

Michelle Rhee
"It wasn't just about closing 23 schools, it was about changing the culture."

"Teachers rated high while kids were falling behind was a problem."

"I'd rather deal with anger than apathy."

"If you turn your attention to who's yelling the loudest, you may turn your back on who needs you the most."

"I'm an aspiring Christian." ;-)

Dr. Henry Cloud
"God called you to be a steward over a vision--He's called you to change or affect something."

"When your maturity in one area is not strong enough, add an external structure."

Wise people: When truth comes to them, they adjust. They like feedback, it makes them happy. So talk to them, resource them, coach them, keep them challenged.

Fools: When truth comes to them, they adjust the truth. Excuses, minimize problems,don't own things, shoot the messenger. Do not like feedback.

So stop talking to them. Give them limits. Ask, "How can I talk with you so this will make a difference?...what will we do if I do what you want but nothing changes?"

Fools can change:
1. Limit exposure
2. Clear consequences
3. Give them a choice
4. Follow thru

Evil people: Destruction in their hearts; want to inflict pain. "reject a divisive person after a 2nd warning." Be prepared for lawyers, guns and money. (just for fun)

John Dickson
5 reasons to cultivate humility:

1. It's common sense
2. It's beautiful
3. It's generative (we learn new things b/c of it)
4. It's persuasive "The most persuasive person in the world is the one who has our best interest in mind."
5. It's inspiring

"We don't need a Christian nation to win a nation for Christ."

(In response to meeting U2 as impressionable young musicians) "Because they acted like us we believed we could be like them."

The crucifixion changed how people perceived humility. It was a negative trait in the world up to that point. Philippians 2:3-8 was the first text in human history to connect humility with greatness.

Pat Lencioni
(Funniest man with deep insights I've ever experienced.)

"People need reminded more than instructed."

"Vulnerability is powerful." His new book Getting Naked.

3 Fears of Vulnerability:

1. Fear of losing business (rejection)
"Enter the danger."
(Idea of improv group taking the most "out there" idea from the audience.)
Don't avoid difficult situations and things you don't know the answer to.
"Speak the kind truth." People are hungry for people who care enough to do this.

2. Fear of being embarrassed
"Ask dumb questions."
"Celebrate mistakes."
(Story of lady who farted in conference room but didn't acknowledge it--oh my.)

3. Fear of feeling inferior
"Do the menial things...serve so interested in people."
(Story of his agent wearing "Little Miss Matched" socks.)

"We're called to be vulnerable by the One who never had to be."

Erwin McManus
"There's nothing new under the sun is false!...After that was written, the virgin birth was new, parting Red Sea was new, crucifixion, resurrection etc."

"Outside of God, there's nothing new under the sun. Inside of God, there's no limit to what can be new!"

"There's never been an ordinary baby born on this planet, but too many of us die ordinary."

"The church needs to be the nurturer of the human spirit."

"People are going to die with dreams still in their souls."

"We (Christians) used to be the best poets in the world."

"Whoever tells the best story, shapes the culture."

"It's not hard to lead people to Jesus when you tell them a story they can see themselves in."