Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rocks & Things

At some point Unk picked up a watermelon-sized rock and hit Tantor over the head with it. In one felling swoop Unk immediately made large rocks sexy.

A nice caveman-about-town named Ool heard about Unk's rock show. So he picked up a pumpkin-sized rock and hung out by his pre-historic friends (Chaka, Una and Phil) just in case Unk got another killer idea.

And since Tantor's demise, a lot of the pelt-wearing upright walking creatures of the rocky crags have taken to carrying rocks--just in case. And so it's gone. And so it is.

People like Unk have done and will always do hideous things.

People like Ool have always and will always pick up a rock to defend their loved ones from idiots like Unk.

And some people have always and will always carry a rock because cool cats like Ool might not be around the next time Unk throws a chunk.

We can regulate who has rocks. Everybody probably shouldn't have one. People probably don't need a sack that holds a lot of rocks; they could do a lot of harm. We can try to make some rules to keep rocks from getting out of hand.

Of course only nice guys like Ool will follow those rules. Punks like Unk will always find a way to have their way no matter what you say.

I heard of one village that rounded up all the rocks and even moved away from the rocky crags to prevent them from chipping off more rocks. They moved to the forest, away from the rocks.  Lush grass, shady trees and a bubbling stream.

But then I heard a jerk named Blick grabbed a stick and well---it did the trick--and nice ol Bodz caught it in the head. You guessed it: left him dead.

We should try to control the rocks, the sticks and the bad things; it's responsible. But people will always have sticks and things. Some good people will use them to protect other good people from the Unks and the Blicks of the world.

But no matter what we do, the Unks and the Blicks will find a way to throw rocks and swing sticks. We can try to make a difference and get obsessed about the rocks and the sticks, and that might even make us feel better--for a while. Until Unk's nephew figures out that a sling will do more than throw a rabbit for a loop.

You are fragile. I am fragile. The great God in the sky knows that. So he gave us hope and gave us love. Gave us perseverance and gave us resilience. Gave us courage and gave us tenacity. Because there are Unks and Blicks afoot.

But rest easy for there are more of us than there are of them. And our future time with the God in the sky is so much longer than our time here in the crags and forests. And so we muddle through. And someday---there will be no more Unks and Blicks. No more rocks. No more sticks.

And so we live.