Saturday, February 22, 2014

Photogs: DIY Beauty Dish (i.e. What's a beauty dish?)

 Do you see the little round white highlights in Slater's eyes? (Click image to enlarge.) Those are there because I had a flash attached to a beauty dish. This is a common tool in portrait photography. For this shot I placed my homemade beauty dish in front of him and a flash above him.

Here's a closeup of the effect, a mirror image of the beauty dish. (Click to enlarge.)

Here's what a beauty dish looks like, in fact this is exactly what mine looks like. This DIY image is from Todd Owyoung's website. He's a great photographer and very helpful as you'll soon see. I've gleaned a lot from his site and work the past few years.

You can buy a beauty dish from anywhere from $150 to $300+, or you can make one (for a fraction of the $) as I did with Todd Owyoung's very specific instructions including detailed parts list, where to buy and a video. Todd has made it a very simple DIY project. If you need any of the tools to DIY hit me up and I'd be glad to loan if you're local.

Click here to get Todd Owyoung's DIY beauty dish tutorial.

Click here to check out Todd Owyoung's website.