Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter in Haiti Update

Pastor Garry is in the middle, wearing a suit.

When our team from Oakbrook partnered to pull off a crusade in 2009 and 2011, we partnered with Pastor Garry (JeanGarry Auguste) and the church at Double Harvest. I look forward to getting his updates as I continue to pray for him, his family and ministry.

As I read his latest update (below) I was once again struck by how hard Pastor Garry and his fellow Haitians work as they try to be God's agents in a Third World culture. Enjoy his update:

Dear Friend and Prayer partner,

This is pleasure to write you again and share with you what God is doing through our ministry here in Haiti.

The Easter week was a blessing for our church. We had every morning door-to-door evangelism, every night a two hours service around the theme: "The sacrifice of Jesus at the cross is sufficient" (Hebrews 9:23-28). 70 people get saved during the week and 5 young people get baptized.

You will see them and I in the picture (above). We are working to find some materials to help those people to grow in their relationship with the Lord. We want to give each of them a creole Bible and planning a weekly Bible study with them.

For the coming month we are preparing a seminar for women where we will talk about what theBible says concerning the way a Christian woman should live to conquer the heart of her non believer husband for Christ. I am studying the subject now and I am sure that will be an encouragement for these sisters.

May God bless you and keep doing the good work.

Pastor Garry