Thursday, June 26, 2008

George Carlin 1937-2008

I appreciate how he tried to make social commentary in ways that seemed like healthy questions or observations--things that people more lofty than comedians should perhaps wrestle with.

I appreciate how he use to do it in a way that wasn't angry--I think that's what made it art. Anyone can be angry and callout problems--he did it in a way that had more layers to it, hence the art of it.

I also appreciate his wrestling with and questioning our use of words. As he said, "On the plane? %$#@ you I'm getting in the plane!"

It was hard for me to watch his routine the last few years. The levity in the midst of tough subjects that he used to have, seemed vacant. In some ways it felt sad to see him come off so angrily. But who knows--by the time I get that age, perhaps I will have lost the will to sugar coat it myself. God's speed...