Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OPinions, God in them? Yes or No?

It's my choice. On and in everything. It's the greatest American right that I exercise. My opinions. My very strong opinions. I can hold my strong opinions like a torch or like some banner. And that's fine. Until I think that people who feel differently aren't fine, or that their choice sucks.

I can have strong opinions on music, or worship, or talk shows, or Christian fiction and God knows what else--who am I kidding? Everything else. But my personal conviction of late is the pride in thinking that God would take to or show up mightily in the things that I like. And I don't say it or consciously think it, but I am smelling an air of, "And that other thing is lame...and...and God wouldn't use that."

But me thinks I am too proud sometimes. Perhaps my opinions are just my preferences. And as much as I might think they're the Grey Poupon of tasty opinions---others probably consider them, just...poop.

The danger in my opinions is in subconsciously thinking they're better, more noble, express more taste or sophistication, than...yours...his...or hers. Or in a church context, that what I resonate with is what God is really working in. I keep forgetting that He formed us all, and that means that your opinion isn't necessarily a defection; it's just an extension of a different person made to dig things that I don't.

To be crass I think sometimes I think God is in my opinions more than other people. I hate to admit it--it sounds idiotic. But maybe if I admit it, I'll be able to passionately like what I like---and passionately appreciate that you dig what you dig--and then in my mind neither of us will get a higher grade for our opinion.