Friday, July 4, 2008

Can't say that I'm a Styx fan but...I really dug seeing them play live with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland on VH1 Classic tonight.

Yeah, yeah, we've seen the rock band with the orchestra before--nothing new, but...this one was different. The orchestra was YOUNG people in t-shirts and jeans. Nothing stuffy--they were INTO it! And the band was digging that they were into it. There was interaction between the orchestra & the band that felt, fun, real--like rock-n-flippin-roll! There was really something different about this "rock band with an orchestra" from all the others I've seen before. I couldn't help but really dig it.

Styx's latest drummer is Todd Suchermann & he's ridiculously good--really caught my eye and ear. So much so that I got online during the broadcast to see who this guy was. Tommy Shaw & founder James Young were the consummate rock front men: leading it, digging it, interacting and seemingly loving every minute of it. I think the fact that everyone on stage (band & orchestra) was authentically loving it, made it compelling-- I just had to stay with it.

Here's a clip of it that gives you the feel of it. Notice the director of the orchestra & some of the facial expressions of people in the orchestra.

The keyboard player was a little hard to take. Don't know why they can't just play their parts without hamming & schticking it up. It's a keyboard--how sexy is it going to be?! ;-)

So there it is. Me in my living roomed surprised by how much I enjoyed Styx w/the Contemporary Youth Orchestra. Check it out--it may surprise you too.

Peace & rock on.