Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wide Awake -Erwin R. McManus

I'm about 90 pages into this book & find it riveting. He may be one of the most deep and prolific authors of our time. Here's some of my underlining so far:

We who build our lives on Scriptures are at times most in danger when we conclude all we need to know is in one book so we can be ignorant of everything else. Pg 39

People say, “I have to experience it for myself. I have to learn it for myself.” Know what it’s called when you think you have to experience everything before you can actually know better? It’s called stupidity. Pg 50

Eternity isn’t the place where you get all the answers. Eternity is a place where you get all new questions, a place where you will always be learning. God is infinite. How long does it take to get to know everything about an infinite God? Oh, I’d say, about eternity. Pg 55

It may be that your challenge is to not allow your context to justify your underachievement. Pg 67

You either adapt when you face circumstances you cannot control, or you allow them to become the boundaries of your life. Pg 72

Adaptability requires teachability. The ability to change comes from one core characteristic, and that is simply humility. Humility keeps us flexible. It serves as an oil that keeps our hearts open to change and able to adjust. Pg 72

We become dogmatic as a result of fear, not faith…Fear seeks to control; faith seeks to create. Pg 76