Monday, January 19, 2009

"Waitress" / Frittatas

Kerri Russell & Andy Griffith in Waitress
I'd never guess that a movie set in the South about a phenomenal pie-making waitress trying to figure out her lame life would be compelling. Then again I'd be wrong. The writing is clever, different and unpredictable. The acting is all you'd ever want including a great supporting part by the great Andy Griffith.

This is one of those tasty movies that's not really like any other movie, yet is somehow very believable and easy to relate with. And it does a great job of telling the story through pie--if you can believe it. Really enjoyed it! Give it a rent it's PG-13.

Interesting & sad note: One of the waitresses, "Dawn," is played by Adrienne Shelly who also wrote and directed this gem. Sadly Shelly was strangled to death in her apartment in 2006 as she walked into a robbery before the film was released in 2007. So if you like this, it's truly the last of its kind.

Now for Real Waitresses: FRITTATAS = A+!

Checked out local restaurant FRITTATAS the other day for breakfast with the family on a snow day. As a result I can only sing its praises. The coffee was great and the breakfast food better than any place in town I could think of.

Waitresses were pros and the atmosphere clean and bright. It's great to see a local place with a packed house. I hear "Omeletties" on the west side is owned by the same people. Have to give them a visit. Next time you're ready to set a spell for breakfast or lunch try Frittatas.