Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Geezer" Bike Mod

My back's still not 100% since my winter debacle, so riding creates some lower back annoyance to some degree. To make for a more pleasurable ride, I experimented with a cheap back rest and low and behold, so far it works pretty great!

First I put together a general shape out of some scrap wood. I kept experimenting with it on the bike until I got the angle to feel good on my back. I wanted to be able to sit upright without it touching my back; but could easily lean back into it.

I notched out the back so it slides into the sissy bar. The back rest is pretty heavy so it simply sits on the pillion and doesn't seem to move around.

I then took it to a local upholstery shop and had them pad and cover it for $50.

It's not sexy or cool but so far it makes the ride feel great!