Friday, August 14, 2009

NEW Protege Program to Launch @ Oakbrook!

Oakbrook is launching a new program to develop future church leaders; it's called Protege.

What is the OCC Protégé Program?

The Protégé Program is a year-long intensive spiritual growth, leadership development, and ministry immersion experience at Oakbrook Community Church. As an OCC Protégé, you will be given the opportunity to learn from some of great innovative thinkers and creators in ministry, participate in the day to day activities of church staff culture, stretch yourself as a leader, and lay a firm foundation for a life-long pursuit of the passion and vision that God has placed on your life.

Who is it for? What is the goal?

The Protégé Program is a training and proving ground for emerging church leaders. During your Protégé year, you will accumulate valuable experience, mentors, and knowledge that will prepare you for stepping into the next phase of your God-given calling. Our desire is that your Protégé year will give you the experience you need to find a full-time staff position in a local church or para-church ministry.

It is primarily designed for people immediately after high school or college (18-20-somethings), but not exclusive to that age demographic.

What experience will I gain?

Protégés will gain valuable experience in three primary areas: spiritual formation, leadership development, and practical ministry experience. Protégés will gain experience in the following areas:

  • Attend Learning Labs- make new discoveries in leadership development, spiritual growth, and ministry methods from members of the OCC staff
  • Develop a Spiritual Growth Plan
  • Develop a Leadership Development Plan
  • Lead small groups and ministries
  • Participate in an OCC missions experience
  • Serve at weekend services, outreach projects and leadership development events
  • Build community with fellow members of your Protégé class through weekly study, prayer, and reflection groups.
  • Be mentored by your ministry-focus department leader
  • Attend leadership development conferences with the OCC team

What ministry areas can a Protégé participate in?

Each Protégé will focus in one of the following ministry areas: Discipleship, Worship, Media, Missions/Outreach, or Children/Youth. During the application process, you will rank your top three ministry focus choices.

What does a typical week of a Protégé look like?

There is no typical week at OCC! Every week will look different depending on the specific upcoming ministry needs. Each Tuesday, Protégés will participate in OCC staff prayer, monthly staff meetings, departmental meetings, and Protégé growth group. The Protégé growth group will consist of on-going discipleship training and leadership development for the Protégés in a small group setting for accountability, prayer, and encouragement. Protégés will also attend learning labs with the teaching team of OCC for further spiritual and leadership development and training in topics such as self-leadership, the culture and Christianity, discipleship, introspection, dreaming God-sized dreams etc.

Protégés will also lead weekly small group and ministry gatherings and participate in weekend services, outreach projects and leadership development events. Protégés will also be responsible for taking the lead on various projects within their ministry-focus area.

What OCC staff members do a Protégé interact with?

The Protégé Program will be administered by Morgan Young (associate pastor). He will serve as the primary leader for the Protégé experience. Protégés will also work directly with and be mentored by a department leader in their ministry focus and interact with Mark Malin (lead pastor) and other staff during the learning labs.

What qualifications are you looking for in Protégés?

Previous ministry and leadership experience is preferred and specific experience in the desired ministry focus area is certainly favored. We also look for people who have a clear sense of calling and dare to dream big dreams for the Kingdom of God. However, we are also big believers in attitude, flexibility, sense of humor, ability to work within a team environment, so we weigh those kinds of personality traits heavily.

When are the dates for the program?

The 2009-2010 Protégé Program will run from September 2009 through August 2010.

What is the admission process?

Complete the application and submit to Oakbrook Church, 3409 S. 200 W., Kokomo IN 46902, attention: Morgan Young. Three references are also required. One should be from a current pastor or ministry leader, one should be from a current or former pastor or ministry leader, and one can be of a personal nature.

What is the cost to attend the OCC Protégé Program?

There is no cost to attend the OCC Protégé Program, but you will need the finances to support you and your family for one year in Kokomo IN. You may accomplish this through fundraising, working a second job, or some combination of the two. You will need to generate enough funds to cover rent, food, transportation and other necessities. You may also need to raise specific funds if there is a non-local missions trip scheduled. You will need your own computer.

Can I get college credit?

Currently, the Protégé Program is not designed to be a seminary or Bible college experience; therefore, we are not currently offering any college or seminary credit. However, if you believe your current Bible college or seminary would be willing to offer independent study or internship credit for your involvement, then we are willing to work with you and your academic institution to provide them with the necessary documentation.

Does OCC provide housing for Protégés?

Generally, OCC does not currently have housing available for Protégés. However, if we had a few Protégés of the same sex, there may be a possibility of using our house at Oakbrook Valley.

Is the Protégé part-time or full-time?

You can do either, depending on your financial needs. Part-time Protégés are expected to work 25-30 hours per week. Full-time Protégés are expected to work at least 40 hours per week.

Can I seek part-time employment?

Absolutely! It is our expectation that most, if not all, protégés will secure secondary outside employment. We ask, however, that ministry expectations and time requirements take precedent over outside work schedules.

Do I need a car?

A car is always helpful for errands, day trips and given there’s no public transportation in Kokomo.

How can I find out more information?

Contact Morgan Young,, 765.455.1100 ext 207