Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Less Than" week 2

This morning capped off a busy, productive, and hopefully redemptive week of ministry. Friday and Saturday I had the honor of officiating half of the wedding of my friends, Austin & Rachel Butler.

It was great that two people who'd been involved in their respective churches chose to involve both of their pastors. Thanks to Pastor Steve Fair, the Zellers, Butlers, and great people at Clarksville Christian Church.

And this morning I gave the 2nd and last installment of our Less Than mini-series at Oakbrook. Teaching is humbling, scary and somehow altogether fun. I appreciate that I have been able to grow in this and experience what it is to teach at Oakbrook.

My message transcript. (pdf)

The fill-in-the-blank notes. (pdf)

The book the series was based upon. (available at Lakeside Cafe & Books)

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