Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I learned on my summer vacation...

Through the book in my prior post, I learned some things about myself:

I have been too resentful. Not of anyone in particular. But of people and things generally. It's an ugly reality to see; but in the end, good to see it and recognize it. And start to move beyond it.

I learned that the habits of trust and gratitude are the paths out of resentment.

I also learned the truth that "joy and resentment cannot coexist." And "joy is the secret of the saints." And that joy is a discipline. A choice. (And yes, a fruit of the Spirit.)

I learned that God doesn't need a lot to rejoice about. If one sinner repents, He rejoices. When you consider all the people this side of heaven, that's not exactly a numerical win. But volume isn't His game apparently. Neither should it be mine.

I probably need to re-scour this great little book by Henri Nouwen. It's been good just the past few minutes revisiting my scribbles & underlines in it.

It's been a great break. Hugely relaxing. Productive. And thought-provoking.