Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beatles are BACK!

We're back into the groove of preparing for The Beatles II--Concert with a Cause! This is a totally different concert from last year.

This year, conceptually, it's three complete and separate bands on stage: "The Cavern Club," "Rooftop Concert," and "Ed Sullivan Show."

Musically, it will flow between these three bands throughout the concert and then all three collide for a huge "can't miss" finale!

Right now, volunteers are building out to make our stage wider to hold the three bands. Of course there's plenty of surprises when it comes to set design, lights, music and song selections. This concert is mostly songs we didn't do last year.

And we want to leverage this event to highlight Bridges Outreach; a great non-profit organization working to "bridge" together: communities, school and churches.

TWO shows
Sun Oct 11th
4pm & 7pm

Oakbrook Auditorium
Tickets are $7

get them at our website: