Monday, September 7, 2009

In Fear of the President

There's quite a hub-bub about not allowing the President to address the students in our schools. One word..."Really?" And another, "Seriously?"

I've thought about this the past couple days, and I honestly believe that I would have no problem with any sitting president addressing our schools and my children hearing whatever he had to say.

"But we don't know exactly what he'll say!"

Really? The president (any of them) could say something that would so send your child off in a direction that you couldn't speak to or redirect?

If that's the case, let's get the president to make an address to students to the effect of:

"Listen to your parents. Work hard in school. Get a job when you get out and keep working so you never have to be on welfare."

Many problems could be systematically solved, just like that...if only the presidents (or anyone's word's but yours) were so powerful. Parents, we are the real influence on our children. Really.

I'm saddened that people in our community will step out and speak up to keep the president's address away from our students. When that night, they will in turn allow their children to watch TV commercials steeped in sexuality. Watch movies that have no redeeming value. Play violent video games and whatever else. But at least we will have protected our children from the president.

I will say it again: Parents, there is no bigger influence on your children than you. Don't fear that the president, or anyone else on the planet, has more power than you and your words. Really.

I'm sad. Regardless of who is in the White House.