Monday, July 19, 2010

Art of Love

One of the most poignant moments recently was watching a young friend of mine dance his first dance with his bride.

Ben and Cara are just out of college. I met Ben when he was in 6th or 7th grade. They have a lovely spirit to them. They want to change the world and God has given them the intelligence and passion to do just that.

Ben has a boyish face. And a boyish toothy smile that hasn't changed much since he was in middle school. And he has a boyish peacefulness about him. Soft spoken with words of weight.

And here's this optimistic young man with a boyish face dancing with his beautiful bride, looking anything but girlish.

And as they danced to this song, he quietly sang this chorus to her with his boyish honesty in a way that held back nothing.

Give a listen, then come back. click here.

I listened to that as I drove into church yesterday and it melted me. It conveys all the sentiment I have for Sandra. All that I can never say or capture with words. And the chorus made me think of my relationship with Christ. All that I can never capture in all my prayed words.

A true sense of love recalibrates my heart and mind by reminding me how fortunate I am. Blessed to have the love of my life in Sandra and the love of a Father that fathers me perfectly.

I think I'll listen to that song again...and knock off some of the crust that the grit of this world can cake on. And maybe inside, I'll become more boyish...if only for the moment.