Monday, August 30, 2010

Frankenstein goes to Church?

click image to play

These are good friends Monty Sanders (sax), Eric Foust (silver/black gtr), Cameron Sprinkle (white gtr), David Bottomley (keys) the bassman Jeremy Carter and me on drums.

This is a Marcus Miller version of the Edgar Winter band's 1973 tune, Frankenstein. We played this as the prelude at Oakbrook's Sunday morning church service 8.29.10

Nothing like playing with great musicians and great friends to the glory of an amazing God. You might ask, "What's so worshipful about this?"

We all realize that the gifts we have came from God. We do what we do only because of His gifts. We also believe that Christ followers should have fun. This is a picture of us having fun in Him, to His glory, not to ours.

Worship is so much more than singing songs ;-)