Tuesday, September 14, 2010

25 Years of Ministry = "Fish" ;-)

This is Oakbrook's 25th year of ministry. Mark & Ronda Malin lead a handful of people to launch its first service, September 8, 1985. Some of those people are still here.

The staff and some good friends chipped in and bought them--what else?--a FISH! ;-) Actually this is a one-of-kind-artisan-crafted fish; the likes that Mark has wanted for a while.

They read a letter from their staff and friends and will enjoy a "get-away-and-do-replenishing-things fund" throughout the year.

It was a tender time. You could tell they didn't expect it and were moved to tender emotions. During the prayer time that followed, lots of sniffles underscored thankful prayers of what God has done and what He is still doing. It was a welcomed stream of emotion and the palpable Spirit of God.

Can't imagine a better start to a day or a better place to be ;-)