Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finding the Value in Twitter

Confession: I have not been a Twitter fan. I found it to be more noise, a time-waster and I loathed the word "tweet." (still not very fond of it)

BUT---I have learned that the value of Twitter lies in whom one chooses to follow! (<< that was the big idea right there)

My original experience was following local people that I knew. And not trying to disparage the locals, but what kind of sandwich one was eating wasn't exactly news I could use.

But Twitter has changed since I started following people who daily have wisdom, insights or humor to share. Here are a few that have added value to me:

John C. Maxwell
Leonard Sweet
Seth Godin
Tim Stevens
Seth Mcfarlane (sorry, I need a laugh now & then)

So Twitter doesn't have to be noise--it has the potential of being a very focused source of info from people you relate with and appreciate.

Do you think Twitter is lame? Delete the people you follow who don't add value to your day and follow people who do.