Thursday, May 12, 2011

We Are the Solution

Do you get tired of driving past homes in your neighborhood that look like this? Me too. Do you notice that it creates tension in you when you look at it? You furrow your brow. You squint. Tension.

I used to think I would call the city and let them know about it. Then I thought about how long that list is and how much money is spent for government employees to mow it and send a bill that will never get paid.

Then I thought that I am probably a better solution. We always think that the government or the church or some organization is the solution. But boil it down and it's people that are the solution. It's my neighborhood. "My" implies ownership. Responsibility.

So again this year I've started mowing a few yards within a block or so of our home by Highland Park. It's good for me. Good for my kids. Maybe even good for my neighbors.

A friend of ours started coming to church earlier this year. On about the third visit this person said through tears to our lead pastor as to how they ended up at Oakbrook, "Those dang Youngs--mowing people's yards and being nice to people--dang them!"

We all lead. We all influence. We all have the capacity to be the solution to something or someone. But, will we? Whether you're into God or not, you can be part of the solution. What needs done in your neighborhood, school or workplace?

Right now our church is rallying around this idea of "solution." We're trying to fill local food pantries. Serve physically throughout the city. Build wells for clean water, kitchens for orphans and houses in Haiti.

And here's a thought--if you think church is a bunch of pew-sitting, high-minded, low-impacting goofs; I invite you to check out our church as we try to be the solution, locally and globally. Doesn't that sound intriguing? When was the last time you stood up to be part of a solution? When was the last time you gave church a try. Maybe now's the time.

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