Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Virtual Older Brothers

As I was praying with Karl Stoneking this morning, I realized that one of the things I most appreciative is the virtual big brothers in my life. These are men that are just a bit ahead of me; guys I look to, to see how they're navigating things that I will have to deal with in the near future.

They are men I can go to. Look to. Count on. I appreciate them probably more than they know. So I just wanted to get this out there. It's always great to praise people--catch them doing things right, in public.

So here's to my older brothers (in no particular order). Thank you for who you are to me!

Ron "Yoda" Maloney 
(Ron may be more like an uncle ;-)
Mike Bolinger
Ken Wuerfel
Mike Garro

Who are your older brothers (or sisters)?