Monday, April 2, 2012

Word to all the Bloggers I Know

Be brief. Concise.

Use space (like the picture above, & the spaces between the lines of this post).

Think about the point before you blog. Don't take us on an exhausting journey of how you got there.

Think twitter thoughts and write accordingly.


Re-read paragraphs, eliminate the excess.

Keep your paragraphs to a few lines.

Use the spell check button.

Be clear. If we don't know what this about in the first sentence or two, maybe you don't either.

Use at least one image. It's worth approx. 1,000 words and is more appealing to the eye than the best combination of words. If you choose wisely, it will even help drive your point home.

Do you want us to do something? Don't pussy-foot around; tell us what you expect.

Make sure your blog naturally formats for SmartPhones.

Creativity isn't what flows naturally (that's stream of consciousness). Creativity is what flows naturally, and is then massaged, worked, refined.

So create your blog. Don't stream-of-consciousness it ;-)

Intentionality. Creativity. Clarity. Space. Blog on!
(that's restating or recapping; also a good idea)