Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Peril of the Why (Hippie Jesus)

We're a why culture.
"Why did that guy go shooting in a movie theater?"
"Why doesn't Chick-fil-a condone gay lifestyle?
"Why is my friends' marriage all jacked up?
"Why do Christians think Jesus would watch Fox News?"

This is a problem. I'm sorry--it's not actually a problem if you're a non-Christian American. It's only a problem if you're a Christ follower.

Why, you ask? (see there you go again...)

The life of a Christ follower isn't about clear directions through life and clear answers to tough questions. It's more about a journey communing with God and each other. It's more about how and with whom, more than what, where, when, and why. And we love those 4-Ws!

This is revealed in our prayers all of the time. Listen to the degree we start a prayer request to God with what, where, when, and why. We want specifics from God and soon, please. I rarely start my prayers with, "I'm just glad you're here, God."

But it seems lately that being an American is pretty much about demanding answers so we can get mad at someone and hold them responsible for why something happened. (There's that word again.)

But the Bible reads like the journey trumps the destination. And when you think about it, being on a journey where how we travel is more important than having the right destination sounds very hippie. Sounds wishy-washy. It doesn't sound American. We Americans are about the declarative. We dig road signs and good clear explanations that help us sleep better.

But Jesus seems more like, "Dude, let's hang out. Love is where it's at bro. Let's slooooow it down."

Ironically in America I think we believe that Jesus would be in the NRA, watch Fox News and talk bad about liberals.

Regardless of what you or I think, Jesus loves people who watch Fox News and MSNBC. He loves gun-toters and gun-loathers. He loves conservatives, liberals and people who defy political labels.

I'm not saying He's a hippie, but Jesus did have some hippie tendencies.

He's not in a hurry. "Dude, just chill. Lazarus will keep, man."
He hangs out at parties. "Dude, don't worry, I'll make some awesome wine."
He digs people that turn off religious folk. "Dude, you wanna chuck the first stone, bro?"

All I'm saying is the Bible doesn't read like He's a type-A, "let's get 'r done," American. But He does seemed concerned.

Concerned about the Father and His story.
Concerned about eternity.
Concerned about you. About me.
Concerned about being with us when a gunman goes horribly wrong.
Concerned about people who run Chick-fil-a.
Concerned about people who aren't eating there anymore.
He's not hung up on the why. He's hung up on the Father and He's hung up on you.

Maybe the next time a bit of insanity breaks out in your life, instead of knee-jerk asking why---maybe metaphorically turn to Jesus and say in your best hippie voice, "I got You, babe."