Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You Dig It--Help Share It?


It's been a great week! Finally--after hearing my wife Sandra, and so many others for years say, "You know, you should write a book." I did! 

And here's the crazy thing: after pouring over this text since June--ready? I still like it. I'm not sick of it. I think (dare I say) God is in it. And I'm excited about how this little book might actually affect some degree of change in this world.

So to the fantastic love of my life, Sandra and all my friends: thank you for all the encouragement. I heard every word and appreciated each encouragement to write. Life is a collective and you are part of it. Thank you.

Little Help?

IF you liked it, and only if---I would love help sharing this. Could you email a few people that you think could benefit from reading it? Might you Facebook or Tweet it to your friends?

I made it free for just this reason--to easily share like crazy. If you like it, I'd love your help sharing it.

As always, peace..