Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, the things I've heard...

(sigh) I really hate getting into politics in public forums. But, this is my attempt at perhaps quelling some of the misunderstandings that I'm hearing in my neck of the woods. This is not a pro-democrat piece, it's pro-truth and pro-civility. For the record I vote for the person not the party; I voted for republicans & democrats in the last election.

1. "Obama is a Muslim."
False. He's a Christian. Just because his middle name is "Hussein" doesn't make him a Muslim or a terrorist; in the same way that having the last name "Schwartz" doesn't make you Jewish.

2. "I'm scared he's the anti-Christ."
False. Again, he's just a Christian with a weird name. Here's a great article that explains it more in depth than I care to.

3. "He's a socialist/Marxist..." (because he wants to "redistribute wealth.")
False. Since our little country began, we've all been putting our taxes into one pot and the administration in power and our elected officials decide how to spend it. We all put money into the pot & they doll it out--also know as "redistributing." This is just how we roll in the U.S.

3. "He's going to ban guns/hand guns."
Does not appear so. Here are his words:

"I believe in the Second Amendment, and if you are a law-abiding gun owner you have nothing to fear from an Obama administration...Here's what I believe: The Second Amendment is an individual right. . . people have the right to bear arms. But I also believe there is nothing wrong with some common-sense gun safety measures."
Read more here.

4. "He's pro abortion."
Actually he wants to reduce abortions by 95% over the next ten years. (Please don't get into some holy war posting on this subject. This is complex. I know my conviction. I also acknowledge that legislating a non-universal conviction and taking into account a bevy of circumstances is a quagmire.)

5. Parting comment:
I specifically included pictures of Bush and Obama with their families to remind us that politicians aren't robots; they're people with families.

The press, culture and even evangelicals entice us to talk ill of politicians as if they are targets, not people. And if an issue doesn't line up with our theology it gives us license to be malicious. As a person of faith, if I talk or think about anyone in harsh, gossipy, or untrue terms I am not a very good reflection of my Savior.

Jesus could have railed on the Caesars or the system; but he didn't. He paid his taxes too. Focused on the higher calling. And how he was to be used along the way.

So let us focus.
And not be haters.
Peace to you and your family, Barack.
Peace to you and your family, George W.
Peace to us all.