Saturday, November 1, 2008

Truth isn't Relative

I had an interesting conversation at the dinner table with Meg the other evening. Turns out at Kokomo High School they had their own election for president. Meghan said, "Everyone is voting for McCain because Obama is a Muslim."

It took me several minutes to explain to her that Barack Obama, although his name sounds like he may be a Muslim, is a Christian.

It pains me to see how a country like ours with all the potential to be informed, aware and even intelligent, can be otherwise.

This is not a pro-Obama piece. It's a pro-truth piece. It's a piece warning us about the danger of prejudice; warning us to be careful of thinking that every Muslim is dangerous and only Christians are good. Warning us about believing every email or blog post.

I saw a scene from the presidential race that was both a high and low point simultaneously. A lady said to John McCain, "I can't trust Obama...he's an Arab." (low)

McCain shook his head, took back the mic and said that Obama was not an Arab and was a "good man." (high)

It seems there is enough real fear in our world these days economically, globally, militarily. We don't need the fear of misinformation or ignorance.

Peace to McCain. To Obama. To the lady at the rally. To the dull. To the intelligent. To us all.