Friday, December 12, 2008

car problems

This isn't a piece, pro or con, on the potential bailout of our Big Three automakers; I'm simply not informed enough about it to play pundit.

But I have found it interesting that as soon as the lending institutions got in trouble, the government was bailing them out quickly and with little fuss. But when the automakers inquired about a bailout, they were not met very warmly at all; at this point it's questionable if they will get anything.

Here's the crux of this post: I'm finding it interesting that (liberal) Michael Moore is fighting for the autoworkers when the (conservative) Republicans don't appear to want to help. I'm not taking a stand here---I just find it highly ironic that so many autoworkers I know in my auto city vote republican and yet the republicans don't seem to care less about this.

The magnitude of the Big Three potentially going toes up seems like it should have the attention of the brightest minds in the country, if not world; I don't have the sense that it does. I hope our political leaders feel the gravity that the Big Three is more than three corporations. It's thousands of families and US communities.

Here's Michael Moore's recent ramble on this situation.

Praying for all involved...