Wednesday, March 3, 2010

De-clutter the WHAT?

Growing up in a home with a lot of clutter, I have been a fan of living in spaces that are generally uncluttered. To me clutter adds a low level of stress and sense that things are just a bit out of control.

Yesterday I took to cleaning up my computer desktop. I typically leave current projects, downloads etc on the desktop and then later put them away. I had gotten bad on the "putting them away" part. I had so many icons on my desktop that when I saved something new to it I was having trouble finding it!

So I started "putting my stuff away." And I experienced a surprising sensation. As I worked through the icons, ditching this and filing that, I began to feel more relaxed. By the time I got to the image of above, I felt very relaxed and...simply...good.

So I learned that even virtual clutter has the same effect as physical clutter. Huh. I love learning new things.

Peace & de-clutter ;-)