Monday, October 1, 2012

eBook Review: "Take the Lid off Your Church"

 subtitle: 6 Steps to Building a Healthy Senior Leadership Team

One thing I love about the eBook concept is books can be concise, to the point, and practical (because printing costs don't need to be justified). Tony Morgan's latest is a great example.

His premise is a simple one: so go your senior leaders, so goes your organization. I used the word organization because I believe this book is applicable to all organizations, not just churches.

Being on the senior leadership team at Oakbrook Church, this was a sobering read. Sobering because this book is an honest reminder that time and position do not justify a seat at the leadership table. Sobering because the health and state of your organization is directly tied to its senior leadership.

Having been on a leadership team for almost a decade and a half, his lists of must do's and must not do's rang true--sometimes eerily, conjuring up our past mistakes. What mistakes could we have avoided had we read this years ago?

Like so many things in our Christian faith, the concepts Tony Morgan lays are seem clear and simple. Yet, I can tell the application and appropriation of them will be much more challenging. I loved that he included evaluative questions. I predict our team will wrestle with these in the days and weeks ahead.

I read this book with anticipation, as our church is stuck. We've been hovering around the same number for more than a few years now. It was sobering that a person who's expertise in helping churches get unstuck put so much emphasis on the make-up of the senior leadership team.

"Determining who is on your senior leadership team will shape every other decision."

I am anxious to begin the process of self-evaluating our team and optimistic about the process of it-- not because it will be easy (I'm confident it will be tough), but because this simple and clear eBook will serve as a dependable and legible road map for that journey.

If you are part of a senior leadership in your organization or church, pick this up. Who knows how many mistakes it will prevent and how much healthy leadership it may usher in.

My one bit of constructive feedback might be that it could have actually been a little longer. Yes, longer. Some real life examples here and there would have created some higher def points along the way. Still, well worth it!