Monday, October 22, 2012

Special Letter from Haiti

Found this gem in my email this morning. It is from Pastor Gary, a good Haitian friend who pastors the church where we served last year for their annual crusade. As this crusade is coming around again, Pastor Gary was reminded of how our trip ended last year. Here are his poignant words:

Dear friends and Family in Christ,

As we approach November, the period of our annual crusade, the church and I can't prevent our self to think about you and keep reminding of your love, kindness and your service for the Lord among us.

Since this regrettable event, I feel so guilty and never find strength to write you but you were constantly and regularly in our prayers. The Sunday morning that follows the week of the crusade, we had a thanksgiving service for the crusade and was praying for you for physical and emotional healing. It was with tears that many people interceded for you.

We know this experience leaves a bitter taste about Haiti and our community especially. We are desperately sorry. If you can't come in Haiti again, know we will keep preciously in our mind the time we had shared in His service together.

We will not forget your music Joel Larison.

We can't forget the Leadership Camp at Villa Mamika with you Jason Lee.

Your leadership and sacrificial devotion to your team Jason Braun(that's a servant & a man).

Your courage Bruce Donaldson( you are in our prayer).

Your life changing football team Curtis Stout.

Your encouragement (it was amazing to see a smile on your face the morning after the tragedy. I see it again while I write this) very dear pastor Morgan Young.

Thanks to pastor Mark Malin who allows you to come each time.

And to all of you who had helped in a kids Camp, build the stage for crusade or had involved in any other ministry at Double Harvest, we say two words that come deeply from our heart:
Thank You and we love you.

Keep doing the good work. If we don't meet again here, nothing can prevent our sure appointment in heaven with each other and the Lord Jesus where we will rest eternally from our works.

Pastor Jean Garry Auguste