Monday, October 8, 2012

Rich Week: Impacting People w/Pen & Voice

 In the last eight days I've done three talks for two churches and a manufacturing company, a book review for Tony Morgan's latest eBook and a wedding for long-time friends. I am tired, yet I am full.

What a great diversity of people I had the privilege of serving: my own cutting-edge church, a company of both blue and white collar employees, a church of 20-somethings to nonagenarians, and a family I've known for 30-some years. People who love & live for Jesus and Jesus-not-so-much people.

The great thread of the week was Jesus; He was in every writing, every talk. Maybe my favorite talk was the wedding. Getting to speak with a group that may or may not be into Jesus vibes with my soul, I'm sure because of my non-Jesus past. Many knew me in this setting who know little to nothing of a Morgan that is trying to live for Jesus. (Seriously, the stories they could tell...)

So to them, lines like these made sense: "Was it the apostle Paul or Jerry Garcia who said, 'What a long strange trip it's been?'" And, "Who would of thought that 30 years ago, hanging out around the pool at 1530 Taylor street, that today we'd be here--I'd be marrying you, and it would be legal?"

I'm glad that God gave me a sense of humor. Glad that He gave me a sense for the poignant and serious. Glad I get to blend them together so people can laugh and moments later, tear-up. I'm honored that the Holy Spirit uses a schmo like me to evoke those responses from people. I'm glad I can write and speak in ways that serve people and honor God--and even perhaps pull people closer to Him.

Who'd a thunk some thirty years ago when I thought about writing that God would give me such rich opportunities to serve people and Him? Who would've thought that the guy who was pounding margaritas and beer like a sailor around that pool on Taylor St. would be used to serve that family thirty years later? So humbling. So grateful.

Indeed Jerry--what a long strange trip it's been! And I wouldn't trade it for anything. Tired, but full.