Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Irony of Everyone Having a Mobile Device

I love technology. I love that virtually everyone has an iPhone, a Droid, a Blackberry. So much capability, far beyond that of a phone, and we have them everywhere we go. We even evangelize to our friends about the brand and model . And yet...

We seem less accessible.

It seems that we now answer the omnipresent mobile device less frequently. As I call phones that go unanswered, I now picture the "callee" looking at their phone, then casually placing it back in their pocket.

And it seems the emails instantly captured be these devices are replied to with less consistency and speed (or if ever) even though it's in the palm of our hand.

And I do appreciate not having interruptions by whoever happens to be calling. But with all the technology in our hands, it is ironic how fewer calls and voice mails are returned. We seem to live in the moment more than ever.

I think we love being able to make contact with anyone we want whenever we like. Just not sure we like being contacted by anyone wherever we happen to be. I wonder if our zeal for the mobile device is more about what I want to do, rather than what someone may want of me.

But again, I do love technology.