Saturday, June 19, 2010

Music: Mirror of our Culture

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Confessions of a pastor time: I tend to like secular music more than Christian music.

That's probably because I grew up outside the church, and so music was the only language my soul understood through my formative years.

I have a special love for the singer/songwriter genre. This song, "Oh the Divorces" by Tracey Thorn is an example of why.

Tracey Thorn goes right at the reality that's touching all of us seemingly every week; divorce. I appreciate the honesty of her lyric and the way her music captures the frailty of our marriages.

And statistically I know that the truth she sings of is true whether a couple is Christian or not. So her secular song is sadly apropos for all of us, no matter what we say we believe.

I don't like wallowing in this type of song; but sometimes my soul and mind needs to be confronted with this kind of reality, in the way only a song can. I've recently read stats about divorce, but they didn't hit me deep inside the way this song did.

Peace--especially to those touched by and in the grip of divorce...