Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vuvuzela: leadership miss

Fact: The FIFA World Cup comes around once every four years, whereupon the world's greatest soccer teams play until one team remains.

Fact: Players, coaches, television viewers, broadcasters are distracted and annoyed by the sounds of the vuvuzela; these turbo-charged-steroid-enhanced bee hives from Hades.

Fact: FIFA's leadership chose to do nothing about the vuvuzela at matches.

This is a great example of why leadership exists; to step in and make prudent decisions that are in every one's best interest. When leadership shies away, everyone loses.

It's much like the parent who refuses to actively parent their children. Pretty soon the children are a mess, parents are frustrated and no one wants to go over to their house. (FIFA's leadership miss is doing nothing to attract new fans "over to their house.")

Leadership opportunities are all around us, and every time we refuse to engage, people get more used to not being guided--get used to doing whatever makes everyone happy--and that rarely nets positive results.

Leadership matters.