Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hope: Marriage Seminars & the Y

I noticed something new this week. Most of the people working out at the YMCA are fit. Overweight guys like me are the minority.

And likewise, when I looked at the list of people signed up for a marriage seminar our church is hosting this Saturday, something stood out: the majority of couples signed up have what I would say are strong marriages.

Honestly I got discouraged when I looked at the list. "There should be a ton of people I don't know on here!" I thought. My nose got quite out of joint actually. I thought, "The next time someone from our church wants my help with their marriage, I'm going to say, 'And where were you guys Jan 21?!'"

But later it occurred to me about the Y. That it's full of fit people. And that I, in my poor health, had passed it by hundreds of times.

What finally got me to the Y? First, God had set something in motion with one sentence at a leadership conference in August. Next I'm at Dr. Haendigas' office. Later came a personal challenge from Dave Dubois and my wife. And finally, only now am I there five days a week. (And my journey is FAR from over!)

So when I see the marriage seminar sign up list I realize it's indicative of human nature. Fit people exercise. Intelligent people read. Spiritually mature people pursue God. People with good marriages work on their marriages.

And those with average (or worse) marriages don't know how to improve their marriages. They don't prioritize wisely. They don't choose to go to marriage seminars. Perhaps they lack hope; they don't believe their marriage can change. Much like I didn't have hope all those times I drove past the Y.

So we need to personally reach out--if we know someone with an average (or worse) marriage, we need to invite. Invite them to Saturday's marriage seminar. Invite hope into their life.

Who do you know who wants a stronger marriage? Or let me ask it another way: Who do know who's really enjoying their mediocre marriage?

Fusion 2.1 Marriage Conference. Check it out. Invite. Sign up day of if you wish.