Monday, January 23, 2012

Occupy the Y--wk 3 Begins w/the Tres Hombres

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Caution: some sweating may occur during workouts. Ok, plenty of sweating occurs. If nothing else I am excelling at panting like a collie in August and sweating like a colander.

When one is still north of three hundred pounds and has lived a very sedentary lifestyle, being out of breath and sweaty comes quickly and easily at the Y. That said, there's something good about sweating. Maybe it's the contrast of winter when we're seemingly always cold, but I think there's more to it.

It feels good to sweat. It's evidence that you're doing something. I don't usually take a towel with me; I prefer to wipe my sweaty face with the chest-part of my shirt. (No, I don't pull the bottom of my shirt over my head exposing my sexy beast tum-tum!) My sweat mark on my shirt is my mental badge of courage. It reminds me I'm working, making progress.

After two weeks it's going pretty well. I feel like I a got a little closer with Nicole last week and engaged her as a person, not a punishing trainer. (I'm still reserving that right, though.)

I looked forward to some workouts. I enjoyed the weight machines--the white ones that I never knew how to use. I like those much more than free weights as I can just focus on moving them since they'll dictate the motion. I got called "a machine" on those! (With free weights I wonder if my technique is correct; the machines ensure that it is.)

It was clearly better than week one; week one sucks, people. But it is still hard. The stairs are killers (and the Y has a huge stockpile of them). It's still emotionally and physically difficult to keep pushing through the cardio times when Nicole isn't there; not like it's easy when she's there.

So far I'm clearly feeling better, breathing better, standing taller, losing weight, and...looking forward to it.

Yes. My day's lead up to 4pm when workouts begin. It forces me to be done with work and look forward to something else. (Honestly I'm probably looking forward to being DONE at 5.)

Hey...if I can do this...anybody can do this! If you're thinking about it. The YMCA's a great place to hang out...except for the big sweaty panting guys like me ;-)

The Tres Hombres are there gasping for breath Mon-Fri 4-5pm.

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Peace my friends!
      --Morgan of the Tres Hombres