Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adjusting our Just Prayers

Ever tried to pray without the word just? It's difficult. Me being a word guy, just prayers kind of bug me. Why?

Think about how we use just:

If I just had a little more time.
I'll just have a little piece of pie.
If I could just get this one project finished.

We use just when we only want this one thing. We use just when we don't want too much, but this modest amount. We use it when we want just enough but not too much.

God, if you could just fix this problem...
God, if you could just bring comfort...
God, if you could just...

Maybe God's presence is in proprtion to how we pray. Maybe He hasn't done more amazing things because we've asked him to just do this and just do that. Maybe our just prayers unintentionally put restraints on the Lion of Judah more than unleash Him.

I don't want to "just God." I want to boundlessly unleash God!
I don't want a modest piece of God, I want him to run all over my plate of problems!
I don't want God to only do this thing I'm asking.
I want him to be all over, around, under and through the geographical area of my problems!

Here's my challenge: try to pray without the word just. Pray in a way that asks God to fully and wildly be in the entire vicinity of your concerns and needs. It will change how you pray.

Adjust your just prayers and see how it changes the way you perceive, relate with and pray to our limitless God.