Friday, February 3, 2012

Occupy the Y: Week 4

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Well after four weeks of working out I posted the above picture because people have had trouble recognizing me. After four weeks at the Y I am totally transformed into a living, breathing hunk of GQ beefcake!

Or not.

This week was tough; partly because a cold that started sneaking in on Monday and is now in full bloom. The achiness of a cold coupled with a workout isn't the best combination. But also Nicole kicked up Tuesday's workout a bit. Not to mention a Monday treadmill workout that was a beast!

But I am noticing some things:

1. Our 10 minute warm ups feel like warm ups. When we started they felt like they were the workout.

2. It now takes me a few minutes before I'm sweating like a dog. It used to be instantaneous like turning a spigot.

3. The elliptical is my friend. It first felt like a torture device. Now it helps me stretch out calf and leg muscles and is somewhat enjoyable.

4. This week I peddled 20 non-stop minutes at various speeds on the stationary bike from Hades. The first time I rode these I thought, "How did they design these tiny seats to be so painfully uncomfortable in every single position?"Yeah I know--20 non-stop minutes doesn't sound amazing, but it's my crucible, nonetheless.

5. I couldn't do this alone. Dave Dubois, Chad McCarter, Nicole Peele, and you keep me going. Yes you. I realize you are reading along and that you are there. You and your anonymous reading are just as real to me as the Dos Hombres & Nicole. Thanks for coming along!

Also the Y staff is pretty awesome and encouraging. There's Paul at the front desk who always calls me by name and asks how I'm doing. Trish Sevrens and Lisa Gauger are always encouraging. Lisa is my unofficial coach who adds value to me via Twitter and in person. Even the staff I don't know smile easily and are very nice. It's a good place to be.

And I'll be there shortly getting in my last cardio workout of the week. Four weeks down and life to go! 

The Tres Hombres are there gasping for breath Mon-Fri 4-5pm.

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